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Tom W Rawlings 

Our founder, Tom W Rawlings, is an experienced chief operating officer with demonstrated ability to improve operational effectiveness, mitigate risk, and leverage information technology to streamline processes. Tom has over twenty years of experience in various roles such as Operations Associate, Project Manager, Portfolio Manager, Head of Operations, Implementation and Administration culminating in two stints as Chief Operating Officer leading all aspects of day-to-day operations, technology, portfolio administration, finance, and performance management. During his career, he has worked at firms such as State Street Global advisors, Bear Stearns Asset Management, O'Shaughnessy Asset Management and Rothschild Asset Management. He has his MBA from Boston University with concentrations in Finance and Corporate Financial Management and my BS a concentration in Finance.

Following are a few selected accomplishments that demonstrate his value:

  • Improved data efficiency and reliability and facilitated Rothschild’s ability to open and trade at market opening by redesigning and implementing its overnight operational processes.
  • Delivered more consistent reporting and data to Rothschild’s global stakeholders by building its data warehouse and internal website; helped create a more efficient environment by participating in the firm’s global SQL server consolidation.
  • Partnered with Human Resources on manpower planning, incentive compensation, and hiring; worked effectively with colleagues, clients, vendors, and staff.
  • Significantly reduced risk at O’Shaughnessy Asset Management by developing an automated portfolio management and client information system.
  • Implemented an electronic document imaging system which enabled O’Shaughnessey’s documents to be scanned and made available online.
  • Played a contributing role on O’Shaughnessey’s executive steering committee which defined the business objectives and milestones of its lift out from Bear Stearns; delineated and led its disaster recovery plan.

His ability to build high-performing investment management organizations with strong top- and bottom-line results, His deep understanding of the investment management business, and proven leadership skills will enable him to quickly add value.  He stay’s current with the latest technology and continually evaluates the efficiency, performance, and enhancements of systems in use. 

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