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Who we are

Rawlings Consulting Services is an organization of the industry's top Order Management, Portfolio Accounting, and Compliance experts. By using a team approach to create solutions for its clients, Rawlings Consulting Services draws on the depth and breadth of industry veterans from the financial services industry. 

Rawlings Consulting Services employs individuals with overall financial services experience as well as expertise in areas such as trading, accounting, compliance, operations and senior level management experts. These individuals have experience working in large and small organizations and can provide innovative solutions to help asset management professionals navigate today’s complex business environment. Our Founder, Tom Rawlings, has more than 20 years experience working in the financial services industry.

Business Process Reengineering

We believe that the most successful organizations are always looking to improve. They exist in what can only be described as a continuous improvement cycle; always seeking a better way to maximize returns and revenues while minimizing expense. The challenge particularly with small organizations is one being able to step outside of the existing frame work to see a better path and two having the bandwidth to actually drive change. RCS LLC fits in this space and helps it’s clients map out a long term vision and plan. Once created RCS LLC can take on the role of overall project management or completing specific interim steps

Compliance and Risk Management

The financial services business is experiencing unprecedented legislative and regulatory change, resulting in heightened scrutiny of asset managers. As new regulatory requirements emerge, asset managers will be required to reassess and enhance their governance, compliance, and risk management. Having the right support team can mean the difference between growth and stagnation. We assist our clients in enhancing governance, risk management, compliance, and strategic planning while simultaneously addressing the individual regulatory concerns or challenges they face.

Technology Implementation

We here complaints about IT issues all the time. My IT infrastructure is old and outdated. Versions for my accounting, portfolio management and trading systems are not supported, and don't communicate well with each other. No one know's how to support the 200 xla programs written over the years and too much of what we do is manual and prone to human error. Often times the IT professionals at these firms spend most of their day as either keeping the systems together or serving as roving help desk coordinators. There just is not enough time in the day to initiate real change that could improve existing infrastructure.

Operational Review

We help design and implement superior front- and back-office processes in portfolio management, trading, operations, technology, and distribution. Build scale, efficiency and client-centric services by industrializing core operating models, regulatory and business processes and expanding capabilities. 

 We can also assist clients seeking to outsource operations to an external service provider as well as to bring external operations in-house. This seems to be a common theme for clients these days as the reliability and efficacy of service providers widely varies.


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